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PO Box 3224
Murrumbeena VIC 3163

+61 402 931 580

Melanie Norgate offers animal training for pet owners and organisations that work with captive animals. Mel uses ethical and research-based techniques to help you maintain a strong relationship with your dogs and cats. For other species, Mel can support you with husbandry and trick training, provide advice about environmental enrichment, and assist with assessments and referrals to a veterinary behaviourist if required.

Qualifications and professional memberships:
PhD in Genetics (University of Melbourne)
Cert IV in Companion Animal Services (Delta Society)
Proud member of the Pet Professional Guild
Member of the APDT Australia



Are you and your dog just not moving in the same direction?

Need to warm down after you catch your animals?

Tired of being ambushed by your cat?


Melanie Norgate can help you with training for dogs, cats and native Australian wildlife. We are a specialised animal training business valuing ethical treatment of animals and the gentle, positive application of scientifically supported animal training techniques. Melanie Norgate is a qualified and accredited behavioural training specialist.

We can help to get you and your animals back on the same page.

Our goal is to increase focus and motivation so your animals will pay attention to you, and to show you how to communicate clearly what you want them to do. With training services tailored to your needs and lifestyle, we aim to make learning a relaxing and enjoyable experience for you and your animals.

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