Chapter X: Done with walkies!

I’ve given up riding my roadbike. I went to a physio class at the hospital and the instructor said it is safe and healthy exercise since I’m experienced and the roads I use a fine for traffic. But she didn’t mention that my lungs and baby would compete for real estate whenever I want little extras like reaching handlebars.


So, exercise...“Hey Dog. You haven’t eaten any couches today. Do you want a walk?”

“Oh my God! A walk? I love walks!! You have the best ideas. Here I come World! Why are you standing there? Let’s go now! Why do you keep saying “sit”? I thought said walk? Come on, let’s get out there. What if I bark at the door - will it open then?”


I finally scatter some kibble to convince poor Dog to stay still for five seconds so I can attach the lead (I’m sure he knew what ’Sit’ meant yesterday). How is it that we can go for a walk once or twice a day for his whole life and he never, ever loses enthusiasm? There is wisdom hidden amongst slobber and poo-sniffing.


“I said walk, not run - stop pulling me. How are we ever going to wrangle a stroller if you can’t slow down a bit?…...…...Ok now you’re being sarcastic - you can’t possibly need to sniff one tree for that long.” 

We’ve been going for a walk once or twice a day for his whole life and I sometimes lose enthusiasm. Maybe mindfulness classes will help me be more like a dog.


We’ve been walking about half an hour and I feel this niggling - not really pain but burning and itching in the bones that join my legs together. I noticed last night it ached a bit in bed but it was better this morning. Its definitely there again.




Its been a week of extra dog walks and something is wrong. I ache even sitting around at home now, crossing my legs hurts and it really starts to burn and sting when I walk Dog. I’ve booked to see my doctor tomorrow so fingers crossed its fixable.




So the doctor sent me to a physio and the verdict is: Pelvic Girdle Pain. Its freaking awful - I feel like I’ve been chopped in half with an axe and it gets worse when I walk around. I even think twice before standing up to do things around the house and I have been reflecting on how my poor grandparents must have felt with various bits of chronic pain and needing help just to wash. 

“I don’t like it when you help me to wash"

I felt for their pain, but now I know the worst bit must have been frustration and loss of freedom. No wonder they ‘don’t want to bother anyone’ - they really don’t. They just wish they could do it themselves like they used to. 


Anyway, mine is temporary and its manageable now with a mighty elastic belt holding my pelvis together and some bum-muscle exercises. The physio promised it will get better sometime after the baby pops out (they just pop out you know, I’m not worried). Apparently my ligaments are softening. Unlike my mood - I feel secretly grumpy because not everyone gets it and exercise was my special thing to help me behave like a normal, sociable person. There could be worse complications I suppose. The upshot is no more long walks with Dog.


No more wandering along the river and watching mums get some serious hugs from little school kids.

“No more sniffing wee and checking for cats (they could be anywhere, anytime)”

I’ll try pregnant swimming aerobics. I want to see if the water level rises when we all jump in.

“Great idea! I love swimming"


I can’t possibly say how much I appreciate Jack right now. He didn’t complain or ask questions - just without saying anything started getting up earlier to run Dog before work. He didn’t want a dog as much as I did, so I’ve always covered this part.


“Sorry, I should have phrased that better - we both love you now we have you and we have new friends from the dog park and feel healthier since we got you. Good?") 

Anyway, not only does Jack walk Dog every morning now, on their way in again he picks up any land mines Dog has left lying in the backyard. I didn’t train this behaviour - he is just a supportive, wonderful and very handsome husband who might read this one day.


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