Chapter 1: Conception

Its positive. I’m going to have a baby!

I hug Dog.


What’s with humans and all the hugs?’ thinks Dog. 

‘Sorry’ I think back.

I take Dog for a walk to settle myself. As we sniff our way to the creek I look around for the mute button in my brain. ‘Oh my God this is amazing!!! Oh s##t! I can’t believe it. Oh s##t. How should I tell Jack? I said Oh s##t. I wish I didn’t have to take time off work. This was Jack’s idea - why do I have to sacrifice? I’m lucky I can stay home with the baby for a while’. Etc.


‘What is wrong with you?’ asks Dog. ‘You’re nervous and you smell weird. Try sniffing this poo - that always helps me focus.’



Jack is delighted. Then cooks dinner and laughs at the TV. This reaction fascinates and impresses me. His mute button may be in a more obvious spot than mine.



I need the loo quite frequently. This is worrying as its only been a few weeks. More worrying is Dog busting down the toilet door every time I go.


‘I’m sorry. I’m just a dog and I care about you. I know something’s going on with you. If you’ll just let me smell your wee, I think I can make a diagnosis.’

‘Did you know the pharmacy has these little sticks that do that?'


Dog and I make an uneasy agreement. If he gets his head out of the bowl and waits at the door, I’ll let him sniff the room - after I finish. This seems to relax him a bit. He sniffs, stares at me, sniffs, stares at me, sniffs, stares at me, and walks off.



Then he starts howling when I leave the room. He’s also bullying other dogs at the park.

‘I’m a bit nervous too mate, but you do you see me eating the couch?! I know you did it - there’s no-one else here and you look guilty’

‘This isn’t a guilty face. It’s a stop yelling at me face’

‘You’ve got stuffing on your nose'


I decide to act like an adult and sit down with a notebook. 

Things I can do to make Dog feel better and stop being a dickhead:

    1.     Pretend he’s a puppy. When you go out, you’re supposed to leave puppies in a place where they can't eat couches. (‘Yeah mate - I’m looking at you!’)

    2.     Adaptil collar. I read these pheromones help some dogs feel more safe and relaxed. A bit pricey but cheaper than couches.

    3.     Try not to be a dickhead myself. It takes one to know one. Might be a good time to start that meditation course…

    4.     Chill out together. I’ll give Dog a massage and brush his back tonight, stop being rude to him, and take him to the beach this weekend. That does the trick when Jack’s stressed. 


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