Are you and your dog just not moving in the same direction?

Need to warm down after you catch your animals?

Tired of being ambushed by your cat?

We can help to get you and your animals back on the same page. Our goal is to increase focus and motivation so your animals will pay attention to you, and to show you how to communicate clearly what you want them to do. With training services tailored to your needs and lifestyle, we aim to make learning a relaxing and enjoyable experience for you and your animals.

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Services include:

> Private in-home consultations for dogs, cats and other pets.
> On-lead manners training for dogs.
> Solutions for behavioural problems.
> Family friendly training and assistance with conflict between children and animals.
> Enrichment, husbandry and trick training for captive animals.



Dog training
A good starting point for behavioural problems is usually an initial in-home consultation of about two hours. This allows us to:

  • Take a full history

  • Provide an assessment

  • Identify immediate management solutions to reduce problems

  • Create a training plan to resolve your problems in the longer term

  • You will receive complete notes on what we discuss and free phone support following your consultation

You will have the option of paying either $220 for the initial consult or, if further training support is needed, $400 for a package which includes the initial consult as well as three followup practical sessions. Packages are also available for cases where we can train the basics for you then teach you to maintain the behaviour.

Basic training (e.g. puppies) and clients referred to us by another trainer or veterinary behaviourist might not need a full initial consultation, so please get in touch to discuss your situation. Hourly training rates are available.

If you are unsure what you need and just want help to assess your situation and make a decision, we can offer an assessment session for $65. No training or notes are provided, but you will have our full support to help you decide on the best course of action.

Other species
Please contact us to discuss your needs and we will provide a quote.

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