Hi, I'm Mel

I’m a qualified Dog Behaviour Consultant and an expert on getting to the cause of behaviour problems in dogs

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Life can be simpler

Enjoy a peaceful life with a well-behaved dog

I help families in Melbourne’s south-eastern suburbs prevent and resolve problems with their dogs’ behaviour. I have a special interest in using ethical, science-based methods to help you safely introduce a new baby to the family dog.

My goal is to build strong relationships between dogs and their families


Dog & Baby Safe Start Program

Prepare yourself and your dog for the arrival of your baby

Personalised at-home training

I’ll come and help sort out your dog’s behaviour problems.

Gentle & effective behaviour training for your dog

Your relationship with your dog might not always be rosy. The good times are great, but you can do without the barking, jumping, pulling, digging, chewing and aggression.

If your dog’s behaviour means you :

  • dread taking your dog for a walk

  • feel embarrassed when your dog jumps on guests

  • feel frustrated with your dog for barking, digging, chewing or pulling on the lead

  • worry about your dog’s fear or aggression

  • don’t know how you (or your dog) will cope when your baby or grandchild arrives

I can help you. I offer private dog training sessions in your home, tailored to meet your needs. I can train your dog while you’re at work, and you can come home to better behaviour. Or I can coach you and your dog to build your skills together.

Your dog won’t just behave better, your dog will feel better too.

new beginnings

Dog & Baby Safe Start program

Bringing home a new baby is one of life’s biggest changes. On that day, your dog’s life also changes forever. If you’re about to welcome a new baby into your family, I want to help you get their friendship off to the best start. I hold training for expectant parents and grandparents on how to prepare dogs for the arrival of a baby.