Kind words

I attended Melanie’s workshop as we’re at that stage where we’re thinking of starting a family. We currently have 2 small dogs (Jack Russel X and Chihuahua) but we may also get a Rottweiler by the time we have a baby/toddler.
Melanie’s workshop was a great eye opener for things that I hadn’t even considered i.e. how the dogs will walk with a pram and how to make the first introductions between the dogs and baby when we come home from the hospital, and the need for the dogs to have their own safe space. I guess I took it for granted that I “only” have small dogs that aren’t as much of a danger to a child, and as most dog owners probably think, they are loving family dogs who would never harm a thing. Melanie’s workshop made me realise that I need to think about what my dogs may do unintentionally and how to look out for and prevent certain emotions from escalating by ensuring that the dogs and child have an ongoing positive relationship, starting from their first meeting. During the workshop we received a lot of tools and information on how we can build and maintain this positive relationship to make sure that our future family can live cohesively and happily together. The course was tailored to the group’s profile and current concerns we have with our dogs, and it was also a great resource to get basic understanding on dog behaviour by understanding how to read a dog’s body language and how they learn. The best thing is that, Melanie also reminds you that it’s OK to get overwhelmed and to temporarily remove the dog from a situation if you’re not coping.”
Overall it was a very insightful workshop with useful real life examples. I think it gives pet owners the necessary time to focus on their family pet during a time when most of the focus is on the pregnancy and baby. This workshop has definitely helped in preparing for an easier future transition and new chapter in our lives!
— Miranda & Ari, and their dogs Rusty and Wolverine, Knox VIC
The content was extremely informative, tailored to our needs and provided us with resources and tools to manage and address our concerns. After spending a few hours with Mel, we feel so much more confident in the prospect of introducing our newborn and our dog Rasta!
— Arman & Nicole, and their dog Rasta, Bentleigh East VIC
Our vet highly recommended a great dog trainer as our Dalmatian Rosie was in need of training, according to them. The vet told us about Melanie and we were very impressed after our first lesson. Rosie was very timid and scared of humans and dogs. Melanie made very good progress with Rosie and you could see Rosie became less timid over time. I could see the progress that was being made with Adrien’s confidence as well and I put this down to Melanie bringing out the best in him and Rosie.
— Paul and Adrien, and their dog Rosie (Hawthorn, VIC)
It is comforting to know that we can get ready for the arrival of our new family member without having to compromise on our dog’s happiness and wellbeing. We now know the strategies that we can put into place to ensure our dog is prepared for the baby and that the relationship between my baby and dog will be positive and relaxed. We couldn’t recommend Mel’s workshop highly enough!
— Gina and David, and their dog Ziggy (Hughesdale, VIC)