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Personalised at-home dog training

Melanie Norgate Provides at-home, personalised dog training

I provide one-on-one, tailored training in your home to help you prevent or resolve dog behaviour problems. As a qualified behaviour consultant I am committed to ethical, effective, science-based methods. I aim to keep training simple, motivating and fun for you and your dog.


ideal for

  • Resolving dog behaviour problems (examples: fear, aggression, jumping up, barking, over-excitement, destructive behaviour, conflict with children or other animals)

  • Improving obedience, focus and motivation

  • Raising a confident, well-behaved puppy using best practice methods

  • Preparing your dog for the arrival of a baby (also see Dog and Baby: Safe Start group program)

  • Restoring peace after your baby arrives

What will I get?

  • A personalised training and behaviour management plan

  • Practical training for your dog

  • Full reference notes

  • Serious support between sessions - send training footage and I will reply with next steps to help you get the best possible results for the time we spend together. Email and phone support available too.

How much will it cost?

Sessions cost $125/hr. This includes notes and follow-up support.

  • Allow up to 1.5 hours for an initial behaviour problem consult ($190)

  • Allow 2 hours for a private Dog and Baby: Safe Start consultation ($250)

Puppy package: (three approx 1 hour private sessions for new puppies) $330

Please note: out of business hours consults will incur a 20% surcharge (subject to availability).

Group classes: I offer Puppy Preschool at and (contact your closest clinic for booking information).


Let’s bring out the best in your dog