part two: group practical training

Living harmoniously

We’ll take your dog through a targeted training program to prepare for the arrival of your baby. It’s a comprehensive, but short, tailored dog-training program, because I know you’re on a deadline.

Discover how you can settle in with your new baby, knowing your dog will be calm and happy.

Practical training builds on what you’ve learned in the preparation workshop. We’ll cover essential practical training for living with a baby and a dog, based around the four scenarios that most often present challenges:

  • Introducing your baby to your dog – how to keep your dog calm and happy, and keep your baby safe

  • Hanging around at home – good behaviour from your dog while you focus on the baby

  • Out and about with your baby – calm loose-lead walking with a stroller

  • Having visitors over – prevent barking that wakes the baby and maintain safety while you’re distracted

Each session includes an assessment of your dog’s behaviour around baby noises and equipment, including supervised desensitisation practice. To make sure your dog gets personalised training, I hold sessions for a maximum of five dogs at a time.

Training is held in the South Yarra Veterinary Centre, on weeknights, one hour per week for four weeks.

The Dog and Baby: Safe Start Practical training is $240 per household, which includes all four sessions and reference notes.


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